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A Sunshade that takes less than 3 seconds to put on or take off. Rest on top of your dashboard when not using, Grip its handle and
hook over at rear view mirror to hang it open for blocking sunlight to get into cabin from windshield. To take it off, simply unhook
the handle and place it back on its Velcro acceptance base on dashboard. It's so easy to use that it almost encourages you to use it
every time you park your vehicle. Best auto sunshade ever!
Dolly drove to pick her son, Eric, up from school at 3PM of one summer afternoon. At school parking lot,  she neglected to put
on a sunshade. "This is too much trouble, I will be in and out in just a minute", she thought. At near Eric's classroom, she ran
into Cindy who is also here to pick her daughter Christine up at classroom next door.  Both of their husbands work at same
company and they met at company's picnic at about two months ago. After knowing each other, they often chit chat to exchange
information. "What do you know? We even have the same Minivan with same color" Dolly said that during their conversation.
Time flew by, before they know it, 20 minutes went by. If Eric didn't complain about the day being too hot, they could have
carried on much longer. When Dolly pulled her minivan door open, a unbearable heat wave that was oven hot 140F was waiting
for her and little Eric. They decided to wait a little to vent hot air out. In the mean time, Dolly spotted Cindy's minivan drove off
school's parking lot. "How can they do that?", Dolly wondered. Even after they drove off the parking lot, the cabin was still
unbearable hot all the way home, even though they had AC turn to maximim.

Does that sound family? What happen to Dolly can happen to you and me. School, drugstore, restaurant, bank or parking lot
anywhere. There is no difference on AC system between Cindy's and Dolly's minivan here. Cindy's secret weapon was just
merely a sunshade that Dolly also have in her minivan, in fact, two of them in her minivan, one in her garage closet. The
difference was Cindy put it to use while she parked.

The problem isn't we don't have a sunshades; we just don't use them!

Picture below was taken at around 11:30AM, early August at California, a high ninety day. Only less than 20 cars have their
sunshades on. That's less than 15% of total cars here.

Here is a Quote from

A less-expensive option for reducing heat and sunlight getting inside vehicles is manual sunshades.

"Use of a vehicle sunshade can prevent heat buildup in a parked car by more than 48 degrees Fahrenheit," said Deirdre Watt,
senior vice president of Axius, which sells both window tinting and sunshades. "There's a noticeable difference in terms of
comfort, which makes the 30-second effort it takes to put up a sunshade worthwhile."

Yet, an Axius phone survey of more than 800 vehicle owners in April 2000 showed that while 71 percent knew about auto
sunshades, just 22 percent used them regularly. Seventy-seven percent of sunshade users said they only install a sunshade if
they plan to be away from their vehicles for more than 30 minutes.

Is it really that much trouble to put on a sunshade? Well, it may takes 20 seconds to put on, or take off a conventional style
sunshade. Starting from you reaching back to where it is, typically in a seat back pocket, to bring it to you at drivers seat.
Then you have to open it with both your hands, slide it over dashboard to underneath windshield.  (Spring loop sunshade is a
little bit easy to open, but you haven't try to open it with a passenger sits next to you.) You always have to move your shade
around by gripping just one end of shade to get a best fit. And play with visors trying to secure sunshade's position. Even after
you did all that, the sunshade may still fall off at the second you close your front door. Imagine that!

XSHADE only needs one hand and just 3 seconds

X-Shade is a revolutionized automobile sunshade (patent pending). It sits on your dashboard when you are not using it, no
need to find a storage places for it. To put it on or take it off takes less then 3 seconds, with just one hand.  Just grip the handle
and hook it over to your rear view mirror to protect your vehicle from sunlight through windshield. When you hook your xshade
handle at rear view mirror, you already placed it at best working position, no adjustment needed. It's so easy to use, It is almost  
like it encourages you to use it. I know so since I was using mine even at October day when if it's just at comfortable 70F
outside, yet with sunlight shines on my dashboard. Without sunshade, cabin can still get too warm to wear jacket in.

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