What’s U-Star? You are our star!

U-Star uses our patent pending method  to make ordinary visitors to parks and resorts the star of their own
video. A customer pays a small fee, and then wears a small device as they enjoy their day. Wherever they go,
numerous IP video cameras will capture their activities like they are stars of the place.

When they leave the park, they return the device and few days later, receive a well edited souvenir DVD video
that features themselves, in mail. Because of us, people will be able to enjoy their day without the worry of
managing their own tripods, cameras, battery packs and other burdens. They can simply have fun, enjoy
themselves, and know that even unplanned moments can be included in a treasured memory disk.

Our vision

We envision this product in places like ski ranches, race tracks, amusement parks, and in the Asian market,
karaoke bars. Wherever anyone wants to be a star on video, we make it easy and fun to do. We envision
hundreds if not thousands of ski ranches, sports parks, race tracks and theme parks, amusement parks will
equip with U-Star system. Tens of Millions visitors will opt to go with U-Star DVD each year. They will move more
freely in those parks and hence can better enjoy their experience; more catch able moment will be recorded for
them. Since there will be more fun, more visitors will go to the parks equipped with U-Star. Maybe new business
will be created just to offer customer video experience. More U-Star video footage will be shared by DVD disc or
on Internet. This will be phenomenon.
Next Generation
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U-Star preparation site!
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Technologies made possible

With technologies such as super fast video processing and networking become
available and affordable, we will be able to service thousands of consumers at
same time. Which also means that we will produce thousands of different DVD
videos, each feature one or a small group of stars. Fortunately, time is on our
side. There was never a time like now, when Tera-byte storage, 10G or 100G
networking and G-Hz processors are so available and affordable. U-Star stands
right on the edge of our time, but not ahead of our time.

Patent pending method (Gold Medal Award)

With all these technologies, a special method is use to ensure correct video clips
associate to a participant are gathered to made each DVD. The method is patent
pending. We have a demo video done (see below), and we are looking for funding
or help to get us to VC.                          
tim@makeworldbetter.com Any help or comment is welcome
Demo here
Gold Medal Award from
2007 Taipei invention show
U-Star will be the equipment vendor
and system setup firm for those
parks. Or customers can choose to
own their own process center or we
can help them to process. Multiple
24-7 U-Star post-process centers will
be setup to help our customer to
process and mail out their DVDs