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Your Next Generation Automobile Windshield Sunshade
Patent application is a burden on all inventors. To prepare a proper utility patent application through a
patent attorney will likely cost a inventor near $4000 US dollars plus the filing fee (which is another $515
for small entity)

The good news is: you don't have to file your application through a patent attorney or agent. I have filed
near a dozen patent applications myself, I have also filed amendments and petition. It's hard but it can be
done. Now I own four granted patents, another one is near to be granted. I know the trick and what it take
to get a successful application going.

Since I have done it so many times, I might as well to use my experience to help others. Right now I am
preparing to become a patent agent (to pass patent bar) That's the requirement post by USPTO for one
to present inventor for the patent application.

However, I know there are many inventor needs help on their patent application, and they need it now.
They can't  wait any longer. That's why I think I can start some services right now. Just like a paralegal
can prepare legal document for attorney, yet she can't represent a client.

Remember, My service is more than just patent service. I look things from an inventor's perspective.

I will provide my service for a low low price.

Here is the process and price list:

1) sign NDA agreement.

2) Invention consultation:  Free   
You tell me what's your idea, I will tell you the likehood of its patentability  (without a patent search, it's
hard to guarantee it), gut feeling of it marketability and weather I can help you in this field.

3) Patent search: $150
If it's in a field I am comfortable to help you, I can start doing patent search for you. Remeber, there is a
18 month period for a application to stay at submarine mode. Even after a patent search, there still a
chance your applicate will lose priority to an application filed with recent 18 months.

4) Patent drawing: $70/figture
Most application needs several drawing, I will draw them up in MS word.

5) provisional application: $200 (Client will also need to pay USPTO $105 filing fee)
Write up an provisional patent application document. You will get a word file and you need to file it
yourself. (instructions included)

6) prepare Utility patent specification ($800 -$1600) depends on complexity. (client need to pay USPTO
$515 filing fee)
Write up an utility patent application document, You will get a word file and you need to file it yourself.
($800 charge is good for up to 20 pages, instructions included)

7) prepare amendment paper ($200- $400)

Service beyond patents

8) prototyping (ask)

email me at tim@makeworldbetter.com for detail