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Letter from our CEO Taiming Chen

MakeWorldBetter is incorporated at Jan-11-2006. Our goal is to licensing patenet/design to make our ingenious
ideas become reality. On certain occasions, we may develop a business base on our own idea to speed up the
process of making this world better. (such as
XSHADE) Yet mainly, we tend to licensing our ideas to joint force
with you to make this world better.

As our name says it all, our principle is to make this world better, we do not look into ideas that brings merely
profit yet maybe along with damage to this world.  If an idea doesn't do this world any good, we don't want it.

If you share our vision and like our ideas, please come and joint us. If you have an idea that you think will do good
to this world and want to joint force with others to realize it, we can work together to find out the possibility. After
all, if a great idea only stays on paper, it won't do this world any good. Feel free to contact us, even you just like to
share your feeling about what we're doing here. God bless us all.

Tim Chen          Jan-14-2006
Your Next Generation Automobile Windshield Sunshade
Two Gold and one Bronze Medal Awards won!

I have won two Gold and one Bronze medal awards at 2007 Taipei invention show.
And we have only three entries attended to that show. So they all won. A great

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