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Cupholder with Secure Grip

Purpose of the Invention:

The Cupholder with Secure Grip was designed to keep the drinks we bring with
us in our vehicle securely in place while we drive. One size cup holders will be
replaced with this amazing gripping holder. Holder will easily keep drinks in any
size container stable and safe from spilling. Access is easy, too.

Problem[s] the Invention Solves:

Cups, cans and bottles go with us everywhere. The vehicle is no different.
Rarely though, does the car cup holder secure the drink in place. Rather, the drink
sits precariously in the cup ring, swaying back and forth with the twists and turns
of the car. A large sized drink container will easily fit securely in most vehicle drink
holders. Smaller sized cups, cans and bottles do not sit safely inside these
holders. The Cupholder with Secure Grip can easily remedy this situation. With
the Cupholder with Secure Grip, drinks, no matter the size of their container, will
stay put so you no longer have to keep one hand on your drink.

Detailed Description of the Invention:

The Cupholder with Secure Grip is designed to grip and hold drink
containers so they sit securely in the vehicle. In one design, a loading plate with
gears surrounding it is located inside the bottom of the cup holder. When the drink
is set inside the holder, the weight depresses the spring loaded plate. A
clockwise twist from the user engages gripping fingers that secure the drink in
place. Those gripping fingers can be either gear driven or directly guided by swirl
slots on loading plate. The weight of drink keeps the loading plate from turning in
reverse causing the drink to spill. Lifting the drink just a little bit allows the loading
plate to rise releasing it from the locked position. This makes it easy to access a
drink. A motorized version of this cup holder is also available. In this case, a
sensor determining when a drink is placed inside the holder causes a motor to
tighten a gear ring to extend the gripping fingers around the container. Removing
the drink works in the same mechanical manner. The processor tells the motor to
drive the ring backwards which releases the fingers allowing the drink to be
removed from the holder. The Cupholder with Secure Grip is a safe and
convenient way to keep drinks secure.

Description of Drawings:

FIGURE 1 Shows a smaller sized bottle being turned to fit in the Cupholder
with Secure Grip driven by gears. FIGURE 2 Is a large sized drink container placed
in the Cupholder with Secure Grip. FIGURE 3 Is a view of a drink turned to fit firmly
in the cupholder with wire grippers, a different mechanism, directly guided by
bottom plate. FIGURE 4 Shows the Cupholder with wire Grippers in fully open
mode to accommodate large drink container. FIGURE 5 Shows how wire grippers
are guided by bottom plate.
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